Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am so grateful for this beautiful young girl in my life. She has been a life savor many a times with helping me with the girls. She is very responsible (most of the time) and her sweet personality has been such a blessing in my life. She is the perfect oldest daughter and has carried a lot of burdens in her young life. I hope the worry of what has happened in the last few years hasn't scarred her for life. She has had the worry of life and death and watched us worry. And when asked the question if Ellie was going to die too, all I could answer was I don't think so. When we first moved to St. George, I had talked about getting a job. So to help out she said "Mommy, you can go and get a soft job like Aunt Milli (who worked at a bank) or at a store or something. You don't have to get a hard job." We would always say that Daddy works hard. She has always been so witty. She is such a big help with her little sisters and has always gone by the book. She is a very good reader and you can usually find her nose in a book. I love waking her up in the morning, cause she always wakes with a smile.

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