Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the up and up!

Pure Happiness! That is all we need to get through Cardiology. She discovered that she can blow bubbles all by her self. And she succeeded too. Along with swallowing a few. Good thing they are non toxic!

Unfortunately, I had no more size three diapers and she needed to be changed. So luckily, I had a size one of Claire's. So we did what mom's do best and improvised. We managed to squeeze her into it.

This is after bath time. If you mention the word bath, she heads straight to the bathroom and will climb into the bath, clothes and all.

Lately I have been pulling out the camera and she knows exactly what to do. I get a "cheese" from her and several poses.

We had Ellie's cardiology visit last Wednesday. And the conclusion to that visit is that her heart is still improving!! Yeah! This is such a relief because it took seven months to start seeing any improvement. And in December, Dr. E said that she felt like a transplant was Ellie's best option but felt like she needed to be cancer free for at least a year before they would consider her for transplant. I feel very grateful for all the prayers and thoughts going our way because I feel that there has always been a higher power with Ellie. From day one the odds were against her. Dr. Buckman from Huntsman ran into my mom-in-law shortly after E was admitted last summer. (He was working with Dr. Park on her tumor.) She asked him if he had heard about her with the heart problem. He said that of course he had heard and that she was the buzz of the hospital. He said that it was so rare for a child to be faced with two non connected major things like that. I am so grateful that she is still with us today when the odds have been so against her. We have another heart appointment in July and then the dreaded MRI in August. Yuck!! That always comes around too quickly. I wish there was an easier way to look at the tumor. Somehow, we will take it a step at a time. Ellie is truly a living, breathing miracle. She and my other girls continue to amaze me everyday. I have really tried to end each day by saying to myself what special thing each one of them did or said. I love this quote that I found on another heart mom's blog...
"There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle ~ Albert Einstein"