Thursday, November 4, 2010

THANKFUL #4-Medication

When you think about a natural disaster or something happens that requires you to flee your place, what would you take? One of the first things on my list are Ellie's meds. I shudder to think what would happen if we could not get her medication to her. One controls her blood pressure, the other keeps her function going and the other helps her fainting spells (we think). She used to take a very strong drug that I believe was the turning point for her heart called Digoxin. A drug loaded with things that could go wrong but also things that could go right. When they told us that she needed to go on it, I remember thinking, just stop with the side affects and remind me why we are giving this to her? All I heard was that this was an option to possibly stopping her heart from failing. Wow! I just don't know what I would do without these in our life. And if it means that we have to give them to her for the rest of her life, no biggie. It's becoming second nature. We have done it now for a year and a half. We went to Heart Camp in August, and some how, I managed to forget my Enalaprel. We were contemplating running back two hours when we had about five moms who had heard our plight offer to give us some of theirs. Sad to have so many on the same drugs, but very helpful. Every time their is a change to her meds Ellie's body has to learn to adjust. Particularly her passing out spells. We recently saw Cardiology on a Friday, changed meds on Saturday and has a pass out that Monday. Also, two of her pass out spells happened after I forgot her morning dose of Enalaprel. I think there is some sort of connection. That and getting those stinking Synergis shots which also start this month for the duration of the cold and flu season. Yeah! Fun for us. Bring it on, I dare ya to make her pass out exactly five days later. Do ya see a pattern? Even though I hate these shots, I know this will help her in the long run. Meds, we love you for all you do for our little girls. Even Macy is dependant on asthma meds. I am so thankful for modern meds.

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