Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heart to Heart

Paul Cardall, Adrie and I. Thanks Ali for taking this picture. My forgetting to bring my camera to important functions is typical of me. (This was a week and a half after I gave birth to Claire so I was a little out of it still.)
Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to get together with some amazing women and man (Paul Cardall) at the Heart Mom's luncheon. It was so inspiring to be there. Paul Cardall's mom was the keynote speaker. (He is an adult CHD survivor of thirty seven years that recently recieved a heart transplant and a famous songwriter) He inspired me so much during this past year as we have dealt with Ellie's heart. At night I would stare out our hospital window, we had a great view of the city by the way, and be uplifted by his and other heart moms blogs. Just knowing that we were not alone in this journey helped us get through some rough nights. Paul's mom Margaret was a pioneer to the CHD world. It was amazing to hear her story and how it continues even though he is thirty-seven. My nephew, seventeen years ago was born with Pulmonary Stenosis so I was telling my sister-in-law how lonely it was for Paul's mom to not have a support group like this to lean on and blogs to connect with other moms. And she told me that it was that way for her too. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of instant friends and people that just know. Thank you to Intermountain Healing Hearts and all those that put this on. It was a perfect day to meet and mingle with you all. And it was so fun to see familiar faces of the people we have met through our stays at the hospital and finally meet some of you that I have gotten to know through our blogs.

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