Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And then there was one more!

Are we ready? I think we are. Ready or not she is on her way. We came to the hospital this morning to get started and while I was getting checked in, my water started leaking. She was meant to come today whether we are ready or not. Anyway, being here, I anticipated more of an emotional response. But so far, I am staying calm. When I gave birth to Ellie, I started crying the second I got to the hospital. After our experience giving birth to our stillborn Eve, you long for a birth that has a good outcome.
These pictures were taken the day before her heart surgery. When you go through something like this as a family, you have some amazing friends and family come out to be of help. Our friend, Shana Whipple took these awesome pictures that we truly cherish. We weren't sure how the next day would end, so we were truly grateful for her donated talent and time for our family.

The girls!!! Ellie knew something was up. We were able to get some prego pics the night before so I will post some as soon as I can, along with some newborn pics. So after feeling all these emotions, we are ready! I am excited to meet this little baby that has spent so much time waking me up at night and making me spend so many trips to the bathroom. Here's hoping all goes well, with a healthy heart to go with it.

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  1. Becca I love the beautiful pictures! I put your name on the prayer roll @ the Temple on Monday. I had a feeling your sweet baby was on her way. I hope everything is going well!