Monday, August 3, 2009

Surgery Update!

Well, things went better than expected. I did better than expected. I have been a nervous wreck all week long. I was crying all morning, but when I got here, I felt amazingly calm. I know that we have been in a lot of thoughts and prayers lately. So thankyou to many prayers from around the world. I couldn't have gotten through this without a higher power.

She went in about three and did amazingly well considering she couldn't eat since midnight the night before. We sat there for an hour before our first update. (Last time during surgery, her heart gave out during the anesthesia and the surgeon came in a half hour after she left, never a good sign.) So us and our parents and Marie, said nothing for an hour, just staring at the doors where they come out of the operating room. They came and gave the first update and she did well this time. They continued to give us updates every hour till she was done.

In all, she did great. Her heart was strong enough to stay off the heart and lung machine. She came out intubated and highly sedated. She has a chest tube and her fluid is high right now, but hopefully they can get that stabilized. They have her on morphine but every time she starts to wake up a little, she is extremely uncomfortable. They hope to extubate by morning if her stats stay up through the night.

I feel so greatfull to everyone for helping us get through this. Now we just have to get her heart function to get better. If it doesn't, they have briefly suggested that she may be a candidate for a transplant down the road.


  1. That is wonderful news Becca!!! Sending our love to Ellie!

  2. I'm so happy to hear such good news! Your family is such a strong knit one, and everyone around you loves you all so much! We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Love you Bec!

  3. She is a fighter and so are you! So glad to hear things went so well.
    Keep us posted and we will keep sending our prayers your way.

  4. Whew!!!! Yesterday was a long day but a great day too. So glad that Ellie Marie is doing so well.