Monday, August 17, 2009

Ellie's week in the hospital

You would think that after heart surgery and a hospital stay, that you would come home and crash. This was Ellie's euphoria that continued the whole day. Not one sign of tiredness or fussiness. She finally fell asleep late that night. She was so glad to be home!
She stole the show as we walked out. So many people stopped to say "hi".

One of our favorite nurses, Nicole. She is our good luck nurse. She was there for our "successful" MRI and this time on going home day. We had so many good nurses there.

This is me acting like heart surgery was a breeze. The nurse commented that this is why she likes working with children, because if this were an adult, they would still be freaking out and saying, "this and that hurts" for weeks where as these kids rebound like nothing happened.

O.K. guys, I am ready to go home!

I love this picture! We had made it to the floor and this is in her cute hospital pajamas and her bingo prize (the blanket) that she won. By the way, everybody wins whether they play or not.

As soon as we got to the picu, we went and found her favorite hospital toy. The rain forest scene. She actually looked at it like she recognized it.

She had so many medicines going into her. As the night went on they removed little by little.

Notice how many I.V. lines they have coming out of her. It was a scary sight to see her like that, but felt blessed that everything went well.

We didn't know what to expect after what happened last time. Here she has gone since midnight without food and she is calmly sitting there. What a trooper! I can't hide how scared I am right now.

For some reason, my face says, "there's something going on, I just know it."

With Grandpa Cason, where Ellie spends a lot of time getting rocked to sleep.

All three girls getting ready for the big day.
This is Nate and Ellie, the morning of the surgery. We were both trying to smile, but the worry was tremendous!

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  1. Great pictures Becca! I hope that all goes well tomorrow. Don't forget to call when you are done!! Love you!