Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paper vs. Plastic

(I finally got the pictures added but this post was written a few weeks ago.)  We had a fun day last Friday.  To tell you how it started, I have to go back to the week after Christmas.  We were at a friends party when one of my neighbors told me that she saw Macy's picture on their paper bags.  I was confused at what she was saying.  I had no idea that Macy had entered a contest at school for Harmon's Grocery Store.  I went home and asked her if she had won a contest for Harmon's.  She said she didn't know if she won and that it was probably one of the other Macy's at the school.  A few days later, we managed to get over there and low and behold, there it was with her name on it.  M gave the silly stern, trying not to smile grin. So her.  I could tell she was so excited to have won.
They got back to school, and a few of the other kids had seen it and were so excited for her.  The class of the person who won got to have an ice cream party provided by Harmon's.  So on Wednesday I got a call from her teacher that Harmon's would be here to present her the award and the party.  On Friday we came to the school and before we walked in, I asked the presenters a little about the contest.  They do four contests a year and the different stores take turns hosting the contest.  This was Farmington's first contest since they have been open for this.   The schools around it then submit their entries.  At their school, they did it in their art class and the children got to draw a picture.  The rules were that they could only use three colors and the lettering had to be so big.

Macy with her teacher and the Harmon's representative.
 The kids thought Claire and Ellie were so cute!
 We had to get some too!
 Grandpa got to come and enjoy the festivities.
 The kiddos were super excited for the ice cream party!

 Macy, holding back her excitement. 
 Macy with her teacher, Art teacher, and Harmon's reps.
It was a special day for her and she had a fun time being the center of attention for a few minutes.  They presented her with this framed picture of her bag and a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Harmon's.  The kids then got an ice cream sunday party and cookies.  It was a fun day!  Now when you go to Harmon's opt for paper vs. plastic and take a look at her Winter Wonderland!

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  1. ha ha - I am glad tha it was her that won! I loved her picture. Good job, Macy! Funny they didn't tell you before they put it on the bag!!

    I commented on your other post... that you need to download windows live writer. It is way easier to work with than blogger. You will be able to move your pictures around better. Let me know if you have questions.