Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Gifts

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  I am amazed every year when I see miracles happen.  We too have been extremely blessed when it comes to others.  Usually anonymous.  When my daughter was four we were sailing along in life.  Things were going well.  My daughter taught me a great lesson that year.  She saw a need and came to me with that piggy bank and asked if we could go take it to someones doorstep and leave it for them.  It couldn't have been more than ten dollars but it taught me a valuable lesson of selflessness.  For all she new it was a hundred to her.  But she felt that this other family needed it more.  Than fast forward to the Christmas of 2009.  We had spent a week in the hospital for an illness that most people do o.k. with, but for Ellie and her weak heart, I watched her struggle for every breath and wondered if this was how it would end.  We left the hospital exhausted and beaten.  I could care less if Christmas happened.  In fact, I was hoping it would just go away.  With M and A being seven and five they just wouldn't let me forget. As Christmas neared I was fearful of what Christmas would bring.  We had spent the summer coming up and down from St. George and the bills were piling up.  It was amazing how fast your life savings can disappear when life decides to take a hit or two or three.  Then came a knock on the door.  There was a jar of money on the front porch, then another knock and another.  I was amazed at all the anonymous gifts that helped us that year.  We ended up having a wonderful Christmas after all and it helped to pay some pressing bills at the time.  It changed my attitude around and made me so grateful for the people in this world.  It was amazing to know that they thought of our little family.  We were blessed and would like to Thank those that so selfishly gave when they could have kept that money for something great.  We only hope to pay it forward someday.  Even if it is ten dollars in a little piggy bank.  It makes me want to serve others any way I can.
So I am jumping around a little bit.  In 2007 we received an amazing gift from God.  It was our little girl Eve.  She was not meant for this earthly life and was too perfect to stay.  We got to hold her for a few hours and gave her a name and took molds of her hands and feet.  I felt the angels that day comforting us as they took her home. That Christmas a Family that had chosen a family to do a sub for Santa every Christmas had heard of our sweet Eve.  They decided that year the family would be ours.  And instead of presents, they would give the gift of a Grave Marker for our little girl.  Every time we went to her place, the grass was fainter and fainter and soon blended in as if the grass no longer had been disturbed.  I cannot tell you how much that gift meant to us!  It gave her a place we could go to and for us was a priceless gift.  I know they never saw our eyes light up and the little ones jump for joy but I hope they know how much that gift meant to us.  I think about that selfless love a lot.  She has a place that would have taken a while for us to come up with and helped in the healing process to not worry about how and when we get her marker.  I feel heartache when I see a new grave.  I want everyone to have that same opportunity that we have.
We still see random acts of kindness from those we know and those that remain anonymous.  We loved going to California this year and could not have done that trip with out those loved ones who helped us get there.  We love you and are indebted to you.  Sorry for rambling, but I desperately want those that have thought of our family in thoughts and prayers have a special place in our hearts.


  1. Beautiful post, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Those are such wonderful stories - there really are incredible people in the world.

    We also have been the recipients of a lot of anonymous help over the last few years. It is more humbling than anything and helps us to feel the love of the Lord so strongly. It is definitely one of the silver linings of these sorts of trials.

  2. Wow, Becca, your sweet family has truly been through so much! I am so thankful I know you and for the amazing example of faith, gratitude, humility, and strength I see in you. You all deserve all the kindness you've been given! Hope Ellie's doing well! :)

  3. The random acts of kindness really do keep us going too! I dont know if people realize how much it blesses people :-) thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautifully written.

    Nikki - blog design to change the world