Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Know Your A Cancer Mom when...

The other day I was changing Claires diaper and I noticed some nasty looking bruises on the back of her leg that went up to her back. Immediately my mind raced and went into worst case scenario mode. "Oh no, could this be Leukemia?" I thought to myself that she had looked a little pale lately. She has the cutest pudgy belly so then I thought, could she have a tumor in there?  My mind raced. Surely cancer can't hit the same family twice. Then I started to plead with the lord that this not be cancer and that I could not handle having another child with a serious illness. During the two minutes, I debated calling my Oncologist and my heart beat began to race like it did when they first told us Ellie had a tumor. I was starting to get physically ill when I took a wipee to the bruise to get a better look. To my astonishment, the bruise smeared! It wasn't a bruise at all, just a little girl that needed a bath and one embarrassed mother. I try not to do it, but I've diagnosed everyone I know with either cancer or a heart problem at some point. We have gotten worst case scenario not once but twice so forgive me if I recommend that your child go see a doc.

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