Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First Half...

Phew! Today is over and we made it. I get so worked up over these MRI's. I think it's just from her going under general anesthesia, because we are well aware of the stunts that Ellie has pulled on us. They usually have us go through same day surgery due to her history. It makes for a really long day! We happened to be sitting by a family that was getting ready for an open heart surgery. I could see the anguish in their faces. It made me flashback to those times we were anxiously awaiting Ellie's surgery. They asked us about her heart surgeries. I didn't tell them about how Dr. K came in twenty minutes after starting a six hour procedure to tell us that they were aborting the surgery because her heart stopped and they had to revive her. I leave some details out sometimes for the sake of others. I wanted to make there pain go away and make it all better for them because we've been there.

I laugh because every time Ellie comes out of anesthesia, we never know what we are going to get. Angry and hysterical, so sleepy that she can't wake up, giddy or sad. Today she was sad. But she seemed to snap out of it faster than she ever has. She ends each time with on a high though. She runs around like the Tasmanian Devil until she literally just crashes. From every hospital stay, she gets on a mania. It's hilarious! Her blood pressure was really high afterward and her heart rate was in the 180's at rest. They were really concerned but because they had us hold two of her doses to get a true blood pressure reading, they felt like we could go home if we got her meds in before we left.

Good News... we got a call from Oncology, and the preliminary results of the tumor is that it is the exact same size as the last scan. We were really worried that it was growing from her eye drooping more. They used the word Stable which is good. I would like to here N.E.D. which stands for No Evidence of Disease, but hopefully that will be in our future. We will be meeting with Dr. Lemons next week to know further. We will her from Michelle tomorrow because Dr. Everitt is out of town. Wahooooo!!! I think I will be able to sleep tonight.


  1. Oh good! I'm glad to hear that at least it doesn't look bigger! What a strong little fighter Ellie is!

    The story you related about talking to another family waiting was so sweet and sad. You are so sweet and sincere and open (in a good way) that I'm sure you were a comfort to them.

  2. So very happy to hear that she remains stable and that things went well. Praying for you guys!

  3. Excellent Post, thanx for sharing the same.. Will keep on reading the post.

  4. rrrr. I just wrote this long comment then wouldn't accept my google whatever.

    Anywya, just wanted to see how your night went... and such. It was so great to meet you in person. You guys are great!

    I am now Anonymous because the comments hate me... but this is Mimi