Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reality Check!!!

Wednesday night, we spent the evening in the hospital with contractions that were every three minutes apart. It kind of hit us that we are really not prepared for this baby. Ellie has been a great distractor for this pregnancy. Even though she is not due for another six weeks, so many things ran through my mind. Including that we have yet to find a double stroller, get Ellie moved to the other room, buy a car seat, and oh yeah, we HAVE NO NAME! We have always gone to the hospital with a couple names in mind that we really like, but nothing is sounding right. So here is where you come in. I need suggestions. Any suggestions will be very helpful. We have a few that my kids put on the list and and few that Nate hasn't totally said "no" to. So thanks to Mimi, she gave me this idea. We are going to have people help us with the naming process. But to make it a little interesting, we are going to throw in a little incentive. There is a surprise if we choose a name that you suggested. And you get the honor of helping us make this difficult decision. In a few days we will come up with a short list and do a poll to see what are the favorites. Thanks for your help!!!


  1. Here are a few cute names that I like:

    Aaron said, Bertha

    Hope you don't care I added your blog to my list

  2. Annalyse, Alivia, Avery, Agnes, Chloe, Cicily, Darla, Hazel, Jane, Kaitlyn, Kennedy, Paisley, Sabrina, Sophie, Tatum, Teah (or Tia), Violet

    Let me know if you need more. I have tons.

  3. Jersey, London, Piper, Gabbie, Millie, Marlie, Hadley, Lulu. Those are just a few of my fav's. My other 2 that are on the list are Nellie, but to close to Ellie, and Mazy, but you have a Macy :) Good luck to you, i can't imagine being pregnant and having Ellie, you are so amazing to me :)

  4. O i forgot Saavy. Short for Savanah, but i just like Saavy, it doesn't have to be short for anything it can just be a name :)

  5. You don't know me, but I'll throw a few into the hat:
    Good luck!!!

  6. Girl names are the HARDEST! Glad I only had to name one, and she ended up with a boyish name, go figure! Good-Luck!

    Sorry I have no suggestions!

  7. Leigh, delaynee, leila, dakota, reece, ryann, jordan, brynn, mckenna, sasha, sailor, quinn ( my favorite), wesley, hadley, quincy, capri, sally, olive, ruby ( another favorite), Ivy, avie, oh there's so many. I may leave more comments later, because I can't help it. I love names, and I love sharing them.

  8. I think you should name her Gracie or Faith. You know, "Faith precedes the miracle"? :-) Something else... Justyn. As in Justyn-Cason? Say it together, it will make you chuckle. I really do like Gracie though, it kind of goes with the theme that you have for your girls already, everyone's name ends with an "e" sound, well, except for Eve, but her name ends with an "e". Do I win? :-)

  9. You could use both names: Gracie Faith Cason, has a good ring to it.

  10. We always have a hard time coming up with names to, one girl name that I have really like latley is Ainsley.

  11. You must stay away from Kembrie or Cambrie or any variation... every third girl is named that right now.

    I like:

    Good Luck!

  12. Since your three girls' names all end with the "ie" sound, I think you should continue it - even if it's just with a nickname.

    I think Sophie sounds the prettiest when you say them all together - Macy, Adrie, Ellie, Sophie.

    Sophie Joy Cason flows nice =)

    Thanks for saying hi on my blog - nice to have another heart mom for a friend!!

  13. Emma, Sophia, Madeline, Olivia, Lilly, Mia, Avery and Keira. These are just a few from my list of favorites. I sure do love you guys and am so glad that things are going well! I pray for you constantly.

    Love ~ Becky Terry

  14. Becca,
    You have so much on your plate! Five little girls...I should call you for the secret. Right now I think three little boys counts as having six kids :). Of course I have a list as long as my arm of girl's names I'll never use, but I always feel it's best to place a bet--giving you another list only adds to the confusion. So my favorite right now is....Claire.

    We will be cheering for you and your beautiful brood.


  15. Brielle, Chloe, Callie... Best of luck!! Glad to hear Ellie is doing a little better.

  16. Becca,

    Funny you would post this, I was actually thinking of girl names the other day (if we were ever to adopt and got a girl) I would like to continue the ee's at the end of my girls names which are Korntee and Whitnee so something like Britnee or a long those lines but my all time favorite girl name right now is MARNEE or you could spell it MARNI or MARNIE. I adore that name. Good Luck in the choices, looks like you have a lot to read through.

    I have not spoken with you in a while, I sure hope all is going well! Hope things can slow down for you soon.


  17. So I was thinking because I'm you favorite sister name her Jillian. But I guess you could name her
    Love you
    Love Jillian

  18. everyone is throwing out all of these names for you. Will you let us know if you are considering any of them. Please and thanks.

  19. Thanks Everybody for all the ideas. If you have some more don't hesitate to add them. I have several that we are considering, so I will do a poll in the next few days so you can vote. (as soon as I figure out how)


  20. Ok... yay!

    I love the name Lucy... so cute!

    um...Mia... naturally ;-) You could have an Ellie and Mia sister combo.. it's the coolest!!

    I also like Millie- but that is a little too close to Ellie...

    I'll think some more. I still don't have a boy name- great huh?

  21. I like Maria and Muriel and Sophie
    Love Granddad

  22. I just remembered Ellie is Ellie Marie so scratch Maria even though I really like that one. Just a brain lapse from the Old Man.

  23. I have a lot of names and I talked with my friend and she had some of the same. I like Tiara, Tiana,Tatiana(called Tat or Tia or Ana),Tia, Arella,Ashlyn, Alexandra(called Xandy), Bria, Bree, Karina. I have some more I will post later.
    Love, your mom

  24. I love Kambree and Tiana. Jake and Stacy are naming their baby Kambree.
    Colette Dalebout

  25. I also like Mia.
    Love, Mom

  26. I like Jasmine, Melanie and Heather. I named Levi and Ammon but Jody named Thayne and Seili Marie. Ammon likes the name Bailey and likes a girl named Jessica. Good Luck with everything, Hope all is well with Ellie.
    We love you, Nancy Lewis

  27. Hey sis, I've been trying to think of some names but here are some I've always loved...
    Jordan, Cameron, Marlee, Lucy, Everly, Maggie, Jane & Nora...I also like Sophie and Mia but I didn't think of those.

    Love, Dre

  28. Ember! or after me your favorite of all sisters Amelia!! I like London too or Brooklyn
    I love you guys so much!
    Love, Amelia

  29. Nate and Becca,

    I have an awesome name for the baby. The name is Madison. Poppy Cason's middle name was Madison. Madison Cason has a nice ring to it.

  30. It was Poppy's father's middle name.

  31. You don't know me but I am a heart mom too and am pregnant with our 2nd. Don't know if it's a boy or girl yet but a name I love but we will prob never use it is
    Don't know if that meets your taste or not but you could call her Laney. I would name her Alana Jane and call her Laney Janey :) It means -peaceful; serene- and after all that you guys have gone through so far with Ellie you know this sweet little girl is going to be such a peaceful baby! Good luck with the name and with the new baby!

  32. I see you have a TON of ideas on here. How will you choose? Just a couple of my favorites, Samantha and Camrin.

  33. My favorite names suggested are Lucy, Gracie, or Sophie. Those all go with your girl's names and are adorable! Good luck with everything. We will be up in Utah the last two weeks of April and we would love to see you!

  34. Opps, I posted under Joe's name, that last comment was Karrissa!

  35. just name her something cute like Zoey or Ruby and bag the rest I like Violet too