Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Steps!!!

We are feeling great joy right now. In more ways than one. Ellie had her heart echo last week. And the result is that we are seeing a slight improvement. Her injection fraction went from 17% to 19%. They are not really seeing improvement month to month, but looking back from October is where they are seeing a difference. This is a big step considering they didn't think her heart could show improvement this far out from her surgery. What does this mean for Ellie? Well, we continue on the wait and see road. They would like to see her I.F. get above 26% so that as her body grows, her heart can keep up with her. In the meantime, this gives us the time we need to get the tumor to go away. And we hope and pray that it will. If she does need a heart in the future, we need her tumor free for a year. So while we wait, we take baby steps, hopefully in the right direction. Down for the tumor and up for the heart. Man she is complicated. But she continues to melt our hearts and can make anyone smile with her cute sign language and babbling words like "ta-choo" for thank you and how she says "ahhhhhh" after she pretends to take a drink. She needs to be on the coke commercial. She also puts her hand up in the air when the grandfather clock strikes the hour and taps out each chime. The cutest is during prayer, she bows her head, puts her finger to her lips and says "sshh, sshh, sshh" the whole time. It's funny what they pick up, even when you don't realize that your doing anything.

On another "baby steps" note, our little Ellie is starting to walk!!! She's got the arms in the air, and looks extremely unsteady on her feet, but she is doing pretty well. We are trying to savor these next few weeks and days before the new baby arrives. Ellie might have a fun time adjusting to not having all the attention.


  1. Yeah Ellie! (They just grow-up so darn fast!)
    Good luck with the new baby girl, does she have a name yet?

  2. A lot of prayers have been answered on behalf of this precious little girl.

  3. Soooo good! That is great news! I love those sunglasses, she's such a doll!
    Libbi's mama

  4. So where is the poll for the new baby name?