Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No more Christmas bribes!!!

I decided to spotlight my other girls. Adrie is my six year old who was born with a spitfire attitude, but can also have the heart of an angel. But I am a little worried that now that Christmas is over, the Santa will bring you nothing just doesn't work as well. This is the same child that as a baby, it took her 18 months to finally sleep through the night! In her defense she did have reflux. She was always off the charts and extremely small for her age. She weighed 15 pounds at a year. But don't let her size fool you.
The other day we were eating dinner, and Macy excused herself to go play Barbie.com on the computer. Adrie realized that she was gone and asked what she was doing. When I told her, she huffed and started to walk down the stairs. I yelled after her that I better not hear any fighting. As she continued to walk down the stairs, shaking her fist, she replied, " Oh there's gonna be a fight!" Two seconds later we heard Macy yelp.
Adrie also takes it upon herself to be Ellie's watchdog. Any time Ellie pulls herself up to something, Adrie has to be behind her so as not to let her fall and pass out. She worries a lot when it comes to Ellie. We asked her what she was going to do when we have this new one. She told us that she is going to have to quit school so she can take care of both her sisters to keep them safe full time.
When we moved up here at the end of October, shortly after we woke up to snow. Adrie peaked out the window and yelled, "wahoo we get a snow day!" We had to explain to her that up here we don't get snow days. (Last year in St. George it snowed and stuck so they got a snow day. Even though it was melted by noon.) Needless to say she was bummed.
Often I am "the worst mother in the world" and two seconds later she will say,"but I still love you." My drama queen keeps us laughing and on our toes. She is such a beautiful girl inside and out and can certainly make you feel good when she wants to. I could write about the cute things she's done all night but I will spare you. Her birthday is not till the summer, so if any of you have good ideas for a spitfire like her, I would love to hear from you. I just know that Christmas only works right before. I've tried. She told me that Santa doesn't care what you do in January.


  1. You captured Adrie perfectly! She is absolutely beautiful and has the personality to back it up. We love her - Granddad

  2. She is such a little doll! We sure miss you guys!

  3. Oh, how I miss sweet little Adrie and her picky eating! :) I just love her personality and what a little spitfire she is. That was a cute post. Can't wait to see you guys again soon....

  4. That makes me laught about Adrie putting up her dukes walking down the stairs. She cracks me up! I miss that! You guys need to come down to visit soon the weather is nice.