Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Miracles!!!!

Although we do not know what the future is, we cannot go with out counting our blessings. We have been beyond blessed this season. We so Thankful for all those who have blessed our lives and helped us out this year. Those who were anonymous and those we know, we truly are Grateful and want you to know how much we love you. We spent a lot of time up at the hospital this month, so it took a huge burden of the holidays off us.

Looking back, we were in either in the hospital or up there for appointments or procedures more than we were home. On Dec. 22, we took Ellie to the emergency room because she had passed out for a third time in less than twenty four hours. And Emily said if she does it again to bring her in. For all you heart moms or others, is this common among these heart kids or is this something special to Ellie? Either way, it scares us to death. So they decided to put the Holter monitor on her and for two days, nothing. So it came time to take it off and I put her in the tub and she began to fall back, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her up before she went in the water. This seemed to scare her and then, it happened. Not more than five minutes having that thing off and she cried, went blue, I pulled her out of the tub, laid her on the floor and she passed out. UGhhhh!!!! The doctors can't seem to figure this out either. I just want to make sure it is not damaging her heart more. They said some kids just do this, but I worry about her heart.

Anyway, we also had her visits with Dr. Lemons and Dr. Park about the tumor in her neck. They are going to repeat the MRI in eight weeks to see if the tumor is getting larger or not. This time they said she can not be sick for several weeks before. They just aren't sure if these new lesions are from her illness that she had just prior or not. Cardiology will want them to be more definitive on their course of treatment if the next echo shows any signs of worsening heart failure. Ellie is continuing to do well. She is fighting her feedings ever since her last hospital stay but she seems to eat more each day. She does have the occasional barfs, she will do this for a few days and then seem to be over it. But this is always a scary sign for heart babies so we feel much better when things seem to go better.

As for 2010, we are meeting this next year with much anticipation and hope for the next year. We are not sure what next year will bring but we know that with the friends and families that we have, we can get through it. Even all the strangers that have reached out to us have been amazing. We love you guys!!! Thanks for all the Miracles!!!!

We are having her next echo on Jan. 6, so we will keep you posted. We are hoping to get more answers but everything with Ellie is hurry up and wait. So we shall see.

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  1. As far as the passing out goes, I know that when Bridger did it he was on his way to big trouble. But his episodes would come minutes apart as we were on our way to the hospital. I don't know about Ellie. But as you know each one of these incredible heart kids is quite unique. Just be sure and be persistent with your docs. I am working on the 6th, maybe I can come find you. Let me know.

    Staci (angel Bridger's mom)