Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good bye St. George!!!

Well, we have a lot of changes coming to the Cason house. We have decided, kind of hastily, that we will be moving to the Salt Lake area. We have made four trips in September up North. Either for Ellie, or for Nate for an interview. One already in October! We feel at this time, that we need to be up here closer to the hospital during this phase in Ellie's situation. We also have a lot of family that can help us out. We have such an amazing support system. From all our Sis' and folks and friends that dove in to help with out a question. And took on two extra kids all summer. And all our visitors at the hospital that came to watch Ellie so we could escape to the lunch room or go for a walk. We also have a great support in St. George, but there has been many a night that we debated whether to take her to the hospital here or drive to Salt Lake when Ellie chooses to have a rough night. This has been a journey full of twists and turns but I will say that I would rather be on the journey than not. I have a plaque that I got that says, " find joy in your journey." So, I will do my best to make the best of our situation. Good bye seventy degree weather and flip flops year round! I will miss you. The nights with out mosquito's and flying things, good bye. I will not miss you, the tarantula that I found on my porch or the scorpion that we found in our garage that was five inches long. I will miss Tuesday night pickle ball with the ladies and walks all year round. I will not miss cockroaches and the blistering summer heat. We will be back. We have lots of people that would let us stay, right?

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  1. You BETTER come back and stay! I will miss the walks with you too! Love you Becca!