Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cardiology visit!

A little frustrated right now, Ellie is looking so good. We went to her visit and she is clinically checking out physically really well. She does seem to get tired when she plays or is active for very long. But her BNP level is way down. Not normal, but pretty good. And Dr. Everett says she normally doesn't list kids for a transplant until they are in the thousands. We just need her echos to see a change for the better. There is still no change, which if you saw her, you would have no idea her heart was barely functioning. I know that this will not happen overnight but I would like to see the slightest change to know that her heart has a chance to recover. Her next visit they will do an MRI for her tumor and her heart. I have feeling that this tumor is going to be gone from the way the last scans have gone. So instead of doing a cath, they will look at the heart at the same time. If you know how Ellie has giving us the scare of a lifetime during an MRI, we could use some prayers to help us get through this. Just scheduling it gave me the butterflies. I still jump when they come over the loud speaker just to page someone or get a hold of someone. I will never forget feeling so helpless as they called the code blue to MRI imaging knowing she was in there. I still remember everyone running past us to her room and the nurse coming out and yelling repeatedly, "where's the paddles, we need the paddles." You can hear everything, but it's muffled. Everything is in slow motion but going to fast. Dr. Pulchowski came out to talk to us afterwards, and I felt like my eyesight narrowed and I was passing out. My hands and my feet went numb. I was so relieved that she was fine, but physically and emotionally drained. It's amazing after you go through something like that, how you feel like you ran a marathon. Nate and I crashed that night, we never slept so good the whole time she was in the hospital until that night. We know how much prayers are needed and help us. So keep her in mind so we can have a smooth MRI.


  1. Becca,
    We will for sure be praying for your seet Ellie and you to!

  2. You are always in our prayers. We will be praying extra hard for you!

  3. Hello...Becca. My name is dr. Rachmat Tubagus. I'm from Indonesia. i like to learn about Cardiology. After read your blog about Ellie, i wish she will get more better. Greating for Ellie from Indonesia