Tuesday, February 16, 2010

W.M. Awards- I won!!!

We were letting her skin air out because the electrodes are hard on skin. But she crawled up next to me on the couch, kicked back, grabbed the remote and pointed it at the T.V. I really hope she didn't pick that up from me.

We took the girls for a train ride on Free day. Crowded, but the girls loved it. It was worth the smiles.
The girls on their school Valentine's Day. They wanted their hair curled for the festivities.

Ellie likes to hang out in any basket. Including the toy basket. She even tried to climb into a basket that was a not even a foot wide.

Well... I managed to do it again. I won the Worst Mother Award. It started on Friday when I got home from taking the kids to school, when I noticed that Adrie left her Valentines on the table. Since her party didn't start till 12:30, I thought I would run them to her right before. So when I brought them into her classroom, she had the saddest look on her face. And to my surprise, they had their valentines all passed out and were going through them. I felt so bad and was imagining her disappointment when she opened her backpack to find that they had been left at home! She ran up to me with a smile as the tears were welling up in her eyes. I am not sure if it was a mix of disappointment and happiness that I finally showed up.

The day before Valentine's Day, we make an extra special trip to the store, of course I am doing this last minute, to buy some candy for the girls. I put the bag down and didn't think more about it until morning. So I recruit Nate to take the girls upstairs so I can make their Valentines. (Last year I did a Heart Attack Valentines where the girls woke up to a Valentine by their bed and followed yarn wrapped through the entire house. And every couple of feet their was a heart telling them what was special about them.) They loved this and look forward to what I come up with every year. So after they got done making Valentines for me, they came and found their Valentines on the table. At least the finished product was cute. But I have always tried to have them wake up to their Valentines.

Then on Sunday, Macy almost 9, lost her tooth. She was so excited!! She talked about it all day and into the night. She hadn't lost a tooth for a few years, and because Adrie had recently lost a few teeth recently, Macy was excited that it was her turn. So when we tucked her in, the last thing she said was, "do you think the tooth fairy will come visit me tonight?" and we said, " sure, now get to bed." So we went to bed and I didn't have a second thought about it till morning when we heard whimpering coming from the girls room. We walked in to Macy crying and Adrie interpreting for her. She goes on to tell us that Macy is sad because the tooth fairy failed to come. As I am racking my brain, the only thing that I can come up with is, "maybe the tooth fairy took the holiday off." Then Adrie proceeds to tell us that the tooth fairy came on Christmas Eve along with Santa Claus for her tooth. This only makes Macy cry harder. Hopefully we can pull it together tonight. Once again, she is reminding us all night that she lost her tooth.

So you can see that I earned it. I nominated myself for the award. I just hope my girls forgive me for my short comings. I could blame it on the prego hormones, but I admit that I just dropped the ball this year. Hopefully I will have it pulled together next year.

Update on Ellie: She is so stinkin cute lately. She is doing this dainty clap and wave that is priceless. She has an MRI next week and I always get super nervous for that. So I think we will know more on her status, but every time I say that, we just end up confused as ever.


  1. I think you've got a few good excuses for not being super mom every single day of you life. :)

    We had fun seeing you the other night as well. I use Picasa by google for my photo collages. It's very easy and free to download.

    Let me know if you guys decide to do a Heart Mom lunch or dinner. I'd love to get together.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all drop the ball... And I do more than occasionally and I'm not even pregnant! Can I blame it on nursing?!?
    You are an AWESOME mom! And one of my heroes.

  3. You are great mom!!!!! I love the pictures of the girls. How cute!!!!

  4. You are a great mother, even with everything you are going through.
    We need to get together again. Let me know when you are available I am always home, unless I am at Dr appt.

  5. You are NOT a bad mother...you have a few things going on that it's impressive you even get out of bed in the morning. Keep on keeping on...Love ya!

  6. Hey - I was on Paul Cardall's blog and your blog jumped out at me because I have an Ellie Marie too! It's neat to see how similar they are in their courage and determination although their situations aren't exactly the same. I'll be thinking of your Ellie Marie and will pray for good news!

  7. Hey!! Your girls are darling!! seriously- beautiful children.

    Congrats on #4!! Aren't we brave having another little one after our heart kiddos? I get the "we don't dare" from a lot of other heart mommies. Well, to be honest- I don't dare either, but here are :-)

    Is everything A ok with this baby? No need to ask, but you can of course use the blog idea! I'll get my girl list all ready for you!