Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Horner's Syndrome...

Ellie was moving right along with everything as far as growth and development. But one night as I laid in bed with her on my chest, I felt that something was not right. A few days later, I noticed that as the day went on, her eyelid began to droop. By the end of the day, her eye completely covered her right pupil. When Nate came home, he noticed that her pupil was totally smaller than the other. We rushed her to the doc and he thought that her pupil drooped because of a benign cause and that her pupil was probably off and we didn't notice it until the eyelid dropped. I was back two days later because I was not happy with the "nothing is wrong" approach. They said, if we felt better, we could go see an eye doc. When Nate called the doc on the phone, she new what it was just from the description we gave her over the phone. We went in to see her and she gave us the diagnosis of a Horners' Syndrome. The two things combined, drooping eye and different dilation, mean that something is pinching the sympathetic nerve. This began our journey in the health care system.

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